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x = Standard included
o = Optional add-on package
- = Not available  
PxPLUS only

  Package number Base system Professional E-commerce Wayfarer
Core language set   x x x x
Nomads   x x x x
Utility and tools set   x x x x
Report Writer Runtime   x x x x
Views Runtime   x x x x
Secure Socket Layer (SSL)   x x x x
Web Services Consumer  v9   x x x x
Local & Client/Server ODBC   - x x -
RPC enabled   - x x x
E-MAIL toolkit PKG20001 o x x x
WebServer PKG20002 o o x -
JPEG multi image support PKG20004 o x x x
Smart List_box utility (v11 query+) PKG20005 o x x x
Charting control PKG20006 o x x x
Customizer PKG20007 o x x x
Views PKG20008 o x x x
Application Server  PKG20009 o o x -
Ability to read BBx files PKG20010 o x x x
OLE Server PKG20011 o x x x
Report Writer PKG20012 o x x x
WindX / JavX plugin (per user) v8+ PKG20013 o x x -
XML interface PKG20015 o o x -
OCI Interface v10+ PKG20017 o x x x
DB2 Interface v10+ PKG20018 o x x x
ADO Interface v10+ PKG20019 o x x x
PxPLUS Cache Manager PKG 10001 o o o -
PxPLUS Journal Analyser PKG 10002 o o o -
PxPLUS iNomads requires pro or ecom v8+ PKG 10003 o o o x
PxPLUS MySQL included in v10 pro PKG 10004 o x x x
PxPLUS SQL Mirroring PKG 10005 o o o -
PxPLUS Fingerprint Scanner PKG 10006 o x x x
PxPLUS Fax PKG 10007 o o o -
PxPLUS Signature Capture v11+ PKG 21020 o x x x

PVX packages require a separate activation key to make the feature work.

PxPLUS packages are included and activated in the secondary key.

Separately sold products

WindX (v10 and older)
ODBC Driver (local)
ODBC Server



Products free of charge

- Electronic manual
- WindX client plug-in
- ODBC client

All features (except WindX, ODBC drivers and C-libraries) are included in the downloadable executable. It depends on the activation key which features are activated and which not.
Add-on packages can be ordered and activated separately.
For further information, see our printed price list or contact us.